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Gravity Turbine Limited was established in 2010 after the need for low cost energy recovery from waste emissions was ascertained.

The Bio based Gravity Turbine was developed and patented, with U.K. publication due in April 2015 and world in October 2015. The ‘G.T. uses a pressure force in a cylinder to offset counterbalanced weights. It is therefore extremely cheap and simple to develop. The pressure supplied to the cylinder can have originated from any source, such as: tidal, stream, stored pressure, heat and gas (including standalone systems) to name a few, but for the purposes of making a start it was decided to pick two methods.

Method One

Waste emissions electricity generation; this quite simply is the waste pressure that has been identified in industry, such as chimney emissions. We achieved funding in 2010 for a study completed by Dr Mark Coleman of Incrops Ltd of the University of East Anglia’s Adapt Low Carbon Group to calculate Co2 emissions from fermentation. This enabled us to calculate the approximate financial return based on estimated volume and pressure of release. Examples of where the product could be used are in the alcohol production industry and the ethanol and bio ethanol industry, as well as fermentation for just electricity generating capability.

Method Two

Heat waste is another big industrial cost worldwide. G.T. is capable of being designed to run from any pressure 0.1 Bar and up, so a ‘module’ was designed to turn heat into pressure using a novel method (patent pending). The module is currently under design and prototyping. The uses for this are wide ranging, from industrial heat loss to solar heat electricity generation. Prototyping is also now underway to develop an ‘atmospheric heat’ generator.


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